Sunday, October 2, 2011

I love you day?

Yesterday I came home to detritus spread out over the yard.

Well, NEW detritus.

In the back driveway, by the as yet unfinished (and mostly ignored) deep bed was a stilted rabbit (?) hutch.   By the gate a dozen old foot long railroad ties and parts of trees.  In the lower yard, under the clothes line, a wire critter cage.  Also on the back walk was another, rather disreputable looking, hutch.  On it was a sign, obviously penned by my youngest child, saying TO MOM.  In it was 2 young hens.

Hubby was on the deck, rolling back and forth on his back wheels looking very pleased with himself.  Except for the new hens he had gathered this all for free, with the idea of meat rabbits, or better quail hutches, or both.

But he knew I wanted a couple more hens.  "Happy I Love You Day!" he said.

Sonja - a Blue Andalusian
Heather - a Brown Leghorn
 I had been really bummed that we had ended up with 2 roosters this spring.  Hubby took the girls to to a poultry swap in Denver and bought these two girls from a 10yr old girl.  They are 14 weeks old, about a month younger than our other hens.  We waited until dark to put them on the roost in the hen house.  The girls named Heather - as that had been the name of our other leghorn.  Sonja Blue is the namesake of the other.

Today was rough on them - it was rather like a couple of 10yr olds showing up at a party of 16yr olds.  They stayed mostly in the house - with occasional foray into the upper parts of the fencing.  We will need to install some high roosts outside I think.

Hubby knows how to make this girl happy.

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