Tuesday, October 30, 2012

where have you been all my month?

Mom commented the other night while we Skyped that I haven't been posting lately.  It is not that nothing has been going on, but I have been loath to sit at the computer and log in.  Not sure why.

Anyway here is some photos to tell their own story - There are leaves to be raked outside and wood to be stacked.  Knitting projects to start and pasta sauce to be canned in addition to the regular chores before I go to work today.
This is not a nest box
Hard Cider in the works
More snow - gone now.
Corn maze at Denver Botanical Gardens

Friday, October 5, 2012

First snow

By the sun was up, half of it was already melted.

I am curious how the garden is doing up at the Ppatch (I won't have time until tomorrow to check it out) since both the summer squash and tomatoes were still producing the day before yesterday - despite nighttime temps in the 40's.

Oh and there is no longer evidence that there had been any snow at all.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The ducks are still not laying - the books say they won't start again until mid winter.

The quail have stopped laying also, I don't know why.

About 1/2 the laying hens are molting so their production is down.  Only 4 eggs a day on average.  With 8 hens that is less than ideal.

But one of the cochins left us a tiny gift (we suspect one of the frizzles)  All 5 of them should start laying this month. (although Hubby suspects that the 2 frazzles are roosters  - they don't crow but their posture is more upright than the other hens and they are more assertive.)

Either way I better have more eggs daily in time for holiday baking! 

You gonna eat that part 4

This past Sunday while I was working the girls went with friends to Miller Farms Harvest Festival near Fort Collins.  We were told they would be coming back with vegetables they would get to pick themselves.  

We were thinking a plastic grocery sack.

They brought home FIFTEEN plastic grocery sacks. 

Our dining room table seats 6 if you need a reference.

Some went to the food bank, some went with me to work, but most of it has found a home in our fridge or freezer.  I may even be able to save some of the potatoes for seed (how cool is that?)

Thanx Miss Mary!

You gonna eat that part 3

For those of you who shop at Costco - this is one of their bags I bought in Minnesota.  I am not sure how much volume but the bag is 20x12x14 inches - and I had three of them.  I didn't even have to pick them - just cart them away (I did, however clean up the windfalls for the hens)

That many apples made:
30 pints of applesauce
1 gallon dried apples
2 gallons apple juice

And I still have one to go.