Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hail protection?

Our own tent city
 The forecast says heavy hail so I spent a couple hours this morning preparing.  I already lost 10 tomato and all the basil I had planted earlier this week.  The rhubarb also looks worse for wear (surprisingly the peas and strawberries faired okay)

Sheets on one side, 1/4 inch hardware cloth on the other (Peas)
I used an entire bucket of clothespins and all the spare wood in the garden + hardware cloth and wire semicircles from the damaged row cover to try to save as much as possible.  I bought all the double, queen and king flat sheets at the thrift store in addition to what we already had on hand.

So far nothing.

Since I am prepared, we won't need it.
Hoops over the strawberries

Monday, May 2, 2016


Hopefully spring is here to stay this time.

It has been snowing and raining for the last 3 days with temperatures hovering around freezing at night.  Happily none of the flowers, including the ones on our neighbor's apple tree, have been affected.  

My favorite of our clematis started blooming before the snowfall, and it was not slowed down in the least.  

Chris and I spent a couple hours this afternoon adding cattle panels to the north fence.  He received to hop vines from the Easter Bunny and they are reputed to grow 20 feet or more. 

tulips that just got planted a nice day in January are blooming also!
While working I tripped over dill starts.  (Yea!)  Last fall I got tired of looking at the stems from the garden sitting on the table outside and tossed them into the landscape.  It spreads terribly in the garden, but on the side yard it will have to fight with vinca, lemon balm, lilies and weed trees.
That is my kind of landscape gardening.