Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Outside roost

Before work today I decided to clean the coop. The ducks, in their enthusiasm, had splashed water all over the straw and the floor was wet. Unfortunately time ran out before I could finish. Since the hens have yet to figure out the dog door I planned for them to spend the night outside so I could finish the coop in the morning.

This wooden ladder was part of the haul the haul that got us the new quail hutch. When I came home, however TweedleDum was missing - I found her inside the bare coop alone. She is apparently outside the pecking order that has Pippa on top and the new younger hens (as expected) on the bottom.

I watched TweedleDum unsuccessfully try to get out the door while I was inside the coop. She has the general idea that pecking at the door moves it, but hasn't put it together yet. I finally shoved her out to sleep with the rest of the flock.

Harley and Quinn still refuse to sleep in their new crate - although they create quite a ruckus when one of the hens decide to go in there.

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