Friday, January 31, 2014

Window starts

Using a SAD lamp for happy plants.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Goal Roundup

Build hoop house - have a greenhouse Done!
system for indoor winter greens - yes, but only for livestock 1/2 Done, keep on 2014 list
make bacon & ham - I have the pork belly, but have not yet taken the plunge 1/2 Done, keep on 2014 list
have chimney swept - Fail, keep on 2014 list
cord of wood - unneeded, as the fireplace is not suited to use until chimney is cleaned - Fail, keep on 2014 list
1/4 - 1/2 locally raised pig - more money than expected, but have found a farmer to buy from occasionally - 1/2 Done, keep on 2014 list
12 meat chickens in freezer - switched to rabbit Done!  Rabbit is much easier, yum
apricot tree - sour cherry tree instead Done! Reasonable swap
pink pearl apple tree - not yet Sometime in the future, not soon
peach tree - green gage plum tree instead Done! Reasonable swap

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Grocery store surprise

While waiting to pick up organic greens at our local Natural Market I spotted this beauty.
I nearly squealed. (Out loud anyway, I totally squealed in my head.)  I have been wanting to try an Arkansas Black apple for years, but never expected to find out outside of an apple orchard.
I first read about them in the late 90's and had thought they were primarily a cider apple, but I read now that they are good storage and eating apples.  (I must have mixed them up with Kingston Black.)

Although after years of build up, I found them disappointing.  The taste was mild and the texture soft and grainy.  They would be fine for cooking.  Apparently freshly picked they are crisper, so the search will continue.

I sliced the remaining apple and added it to the fruit already in the dehydrator.  I am sure this will make them fine eating.