Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm whining?

 This is the last 5# of rhubarb for the season.  I caught it just in time as a dozen or so stems were too spongy to do anything with. September has an R in it after all.   Indica wants to use it to make more crisp, but we have plenty in the freezer for that.  No this one is going to be wine.

Through Pintrest I found this recipe

So here is all the rhubarb, sliced thin and covered with sugar.

I hope this is successful, but I won't know for 7 months or so.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

She put out! And by she I mean the garden

 I feel like such a player right now.

I was off early so I decided the garden needed weeding before we put it to bed.

My relationship with our garden has consisted of me stopping by every couple weeks.  "Hey baby, do you have any jalapenos (cucumbers, basil whatever)  I find one and assure it I will stop by on my day off "We'll do some weeding, some watering,  it will be fun."

A couple weeks would pass.

"Hey baby, you got any potatoes?  Of course I'll see you this weekend."

I thought it stopped producing out of spite.  And really, who could blame it.

Armenian cucumbers, Homemade pickle cucumbers, Stupice, Gold Medal, Roma and Hungarian heart Tomatoes, Burgundy Okra, Red noodle beans

But today the tomatoes.  The tomatoes that have been hanging fully grown and green for the last 3 weeks ripened.  Enough red noodle beans for a side of vegetable.  2 okra off the one plant that made it. Cucumbers destined to be Tumeric Garlic Dill.

I'll go to the garden over the week.  I swear.

Friday, August 21, 2015

This is the end

So save for Cucumbers - I officially call the 2015 season closed.

If we had to survive on what we grew, we would starve.

It is our own fault, not going into weed in the early morning and late evening.

Skipping weeding, and watering.

Granted, Chris and I have both been under the weather for most of the summer.

But I'm glad we won't starve.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I've been reading a lot of farm blogs lately, while the sun is hot and I can't bring myself to go outside.  There is one thing that frustrates me about these gems of information.

They end.

No warning,  I'm happily reading about how a family of four got into raising goats from 2011.  I move forward in the blog to learn more.

There is no more.

I would like to say I have been too busy doing to write about it, but I really haven't.  The 2 hailstorms in the beginning of this years growing season took the wind out of our sails, as did May's continuous rain.  We were thrilled to have so much moisture, but didn't feel like planting in it.

So this year there are no squash or melons.  But bush beans are producing and we got our first tomatoes (Rutgers)  And we have onions for the first time.

I will take pictures soon.

Friday, June 5, 2015


At Home

These poppies were in full bloom yesterday
1/2 melted hail still on the ground
Most of the tomatoes made it though

Down at the garden
Strawberry plants

Strawberries severed from the plant
2 of the five tomatoes may make it

None of the five in this row will

Snow Peas
Hollyhocks - I'm not sure if they will be able to flower

 This is the second hail storm we have had in two weeks.  I am not sure how much more they can take.  The rhubarb plants have to stems or leaves anymore.  1/2 of the onions are broken just above the bulb.  You really need to be an optimist to garden

Up all night

The weather forecast said "violent storms" this evening.  Chris said he saw the clouds to the north of us swirling and changing color before dusk had set.  We heard the patter of rain and the whistle of wind as we fell into sleep, comfortable in the knowledge that the storms seemed to miss our community.

About 1 am the hail was hitting the roof so loudly, it woke us up.  Rhiannon came running in scared.  The hail was pelting her west facing windows so hard I half expected to hear them crack.  They were about the size of a large marble, and the clear center of them were nearly as hard.  Standing on the back deck we heard the roof panels of the greenhouse break.

After checking on Indica (sound asleep in her basement room) we all went back to bed around 2.  Sleep was long in coming

Friday, February 27, 2015


Front yard after shoveling for the 4th day in a row
After glorying in our upper 60's weather while it seemed the rest of the country endured storm after storm, we finally got ours.  It hasn't been a lot, but it has been regular.  I haven't ridden my bike to work in over a week as the snow has never quite left the roads.
Chris shoveling paths so I could reach the rabbit hutchs
Chris and I shovel the cars out at night, then I finish my car before leaving for work at O'Dark-thirty.  He does the walks and the rest of the driveway before I get home.
Our water feature, barely recognizable 
The rabbits in the upper yard are covered with old comforter overnight, lifted to let the sun in during the day.  The lower yard rabbits in the chicken yard are protected, but in the shade.
Rustabelle and one of her young
Rustabelle's litter in the hutch
All seem to be doing fine.

But Chris and I - we are so over it.