Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Produce etc.

 Well, not garden pics exactly.  Hubby picked this squash on Tuesday - our table is 42" wide.

We ate it last night in succotash.  This is my favorite summer squash now - thin skinned with a delicate flavor, yet it did not get mushy when sauteed.

I canned spiced honey peach jam on Wednesday.  There is one more picking left on the neighbor's tree - if I can get to it.


well, other than cherries of course.  These are Oregon Spring. The plant was given to us by the manager of the Ppatches back in May.  It is highly acidic, and not very tomatoey, and should have been ripe before the 4th of July.

It was still WAAAAY better than the offerings down at King Soopers.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday garden pics

Pinot Noir Peppers, yellow cherry tomatoes, purple beans, one red and one yellow carrot + onions.  The yellow squash is from a fellow Ppatch gardener. 
But these 2 trombetta Italian squashes were grown by me.  Amazing.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

You gonna eat that? part 2

Peaches!  They are barely larger than apricots, but the owner told me to take all I wanted.  The hens enjoyed the windfalls and I made peach pie, muffins, dried some and canned a few quarts.  I picked again yesterday that I plan to can tomorrow.  I traded eggs, canned yellow tomatoes from last year and one of the pies.

Bonus - I met 2 more people in the neighborhood, the owner of the tree and the widow who lives on the corner.  I had been walking by her yard with our radio flyer wagon full of this new bounty and offered her some.   This led to to a conversation.   Luckily Hubby rolled up to remind me of work or I would have been late

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bottling lager

Hubby has been brewing every two weeks in anticipation for our end of summer BBQ.  This one is a Honey Lager made with the sourwood honey we picked up on vacation.  First taste was promising.  It will be ready in 2 weeks.

Potato Harvest

It isn't much of a harvest, somewhere between a quart and a half gallon of yukon golds and Purple Adirondack potatoes.  It was our own inattention that gave us this meager reward.  Although the back parking area is unused and gets the right amount of sun, it is a hassle to drag the hose to it and as a consequence is often forgotten.  The plants have all died back and we are left with a volunteer tomatillo and what I think is a cucumber.  After I dug these out - the plants had only set just under the top layer of straw - I watered thoroughly, happy to see black dirt and straw teeming with red wrigglers.  I will build the 3rd raised bed before fall and set it up in the upper yard before filling it with this lovely soil.  Then move these two beds up there in the same way.

It isn't much of a harvest, but it is better than last year. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Garden Pics Friday

Purple bush beans and the first carrots I have ever successfully grown.

The pumpkin vine is planning a takeover I think

I think I will grow the okra in the front yard next year.  It is related to the hibiscus and it shows.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

FFA music video

Saw this while I was trolling other garden/farm/poultry blogs the other night.  It is better than the original, which if you don't know, you probably do not want to.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You gonna eat that? Part 1

 7:30 am in Englewood.  Owner of tree did not wish to be bothered with the fruit of her tree.  We cleaned up the windfalls for the hens.  They are now ripening slowly in our basement.