Friday, September 30, 2011

All the girls are laying now.

Although, Alice hasn't quite got the nest figured out yet.

To back up.

Our children are sleeping in the guest room tonight as I try to organize their play/craft area. (A trip to IKEA today ended with some white shelving with an attached desk.) If I haven't mentioned it before, the hen/duck yard has a window into the basement. The ducks don't like to go into the chicken house at night, choosing instead to sleep by said window. They get really upset and noisy when the motion detector light by the back door comes on over their heads. Apparently, light from where I was working was also bothersome, as they were quacking and attacking the window with their beaks while I was sorting through endless amounts of craft paper.

Envisioning hairline cracks in the window I decided to chase them into the hen house so I could continue to work in peace.

There are 3 ways to do this:
1. bang on the fence with a stick, following them until they go in
2. chase them with a flashlight over the fence until they go in
3. go in and chase them in

Option 1 only got them 1/2 way before they stopped in defiance.

Option 2 meant going in and finding said flashlight.

Option 3 was successful. And the above egg was found in the yard. I am surprised it was not crushed in the mayhem.

Hubby said she had been trying to use the nest the last few days, but Pippa would race her to it, hop in and not get out until Alice gave up and went back outside.

UPDATE: After posting this I went back downstairs to work - to find the ducks outside, quacking loudly at the light again.

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