Friday, June 5, 2015


At Home

These poppies were in full bloom yesterday
1/2 melted hail still on the ground
Most of the tomatoes made it though

Down at the garden
Strawberry plants

Strawberries severed from the plant
2 of the five tomatoes may make it

None of the five in this row will

Snow Peas
Hollyhocks - I'm not sure if they will be able to flower

 This is the second hail storm we have had in two weeks.  I am not sure how much more they can take.  The rhubarb plants have to stems or leaves anymore.  1/2 of the onions are broken just above the bulb.  You really need to be an optimist to garden

Up all night

The weather forecast said "violent storms" this evening.  Chris said he saw the clouds to the north of us swirling and changing color before dusk had set.  We heard the patter of rain and the whistle of wind as we fell into sleep, comfortable in the knowledge that the storms seemed to miss our community.

About 1 am the hail was hitting the roof so loudly, it woke us up.  Rhiannon came running in scared.  The hail was pelting her west facing windows so hard I half expected to hear them crack.  They were about the size of a large marble, and the clear center of them were nearly as hard.  Standing on the back deck we heard the roof panels of the greenhouse break.

After checking on Indica (sound asleep in her basement room) we all went back to bed around 2.  Sleep was long in coming