Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Garden update

Mostly neglected unknown lettuce.

Kentucky wonder pole beans. The books said the first week of July is the last chance to plant these.

blue field peas (last years leftover seed) and onions (leftover from earlier planting)

2 yellow squash!

Basil, onion and roma tomatoes (no blossom end rot! It is amazing what watering does for the happiness of our plants!) There are also cherry tomato and Mr. Stripey tomato + carrots (seeded 3x now with new seeds and minimal sprouting) and a single radish (from 6 seeds leftover from a couple years ago.

For the most part I feel good about this year's garden. The soil has not been amended (or weeded) for at least 4 years and we started planting in June. I've been watching the sun movement and have big plans for next year (I always do!) Sheet mulching will play a big part in my fall projects.

We have a lot of information sources here. Across the street is a retired botanist and we have met a couple neighbors who are serious about their vegetable gardens. (#1 advice - mulch) Plus the local extension service is 6 blocks away.

I have my criminal barrel that helps keep the plants healthy, and me feeling happily subversive. I have rabbit pellets to side dress. (no need to compost them! It has something to do with their vegetarian diet)

All of this makes me optimistic for next spring!

1st tomatoes!

Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes! Mesha and I picked them 10 minutes ago.

She put them on the counter so she can share with Juju when she wakes up.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

gifts of the garden

This was left on our front porch yesterday.
I have been much more vigilant with watering this year. I have green tomatoes, and I have pinched off my basil once already. But any midsummer bounty is beyond my current gardening skills.

This is one more reason to get to know your neighbors.

From this basket of cucumbers and banana peppers I made Juju extremely happy. She loves refrigerator pickles. The trick will be to get her to leave them alone for a couple days.
The yellow squash is in the fridge. Dinner tonight. Yum.