Saturday, October 22, 2011

This weeks project

After the ramp got put in last month it was soon realized that the sidewalk was not wide enough to accommodate hubby's chair. I, in my usual fashion, ignored this until the ruts in the grass were getting deep.

Laying flagstone is like putting together a puzzle of which you don't have the picture. We had these laying around - most we had dug up when we put in the chicken yard, although some were shamelessly stolen from the lower yard path that is not used much. It took me 5 days total (during which the ramp was unusable) - I only worked on my days off (meaning unusable for nearly 2 weeks) save for yesterday when I placed the last 4 stones and sanded the top. It is not a professional job and will need to be tweeked with packed soil to keep leveled, but it works.

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