Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new beginnings

My original design for a coop was similar to the shed and the rabbit hutch. But then in late summer Hubby saw this :

If I had been listening, I could have heard the wheels turning.

Then yesterday, on our way home via the alley he stopped 2 doors down and pointed to the back of their garage. Leaning against the wall was 2 sides of a playhouse.

"I could make the hen house with that," he said. "Anyone driving by the backyard would only see a kids' playhouse."

I thought about it briefly and went to the front door of our neighbor and asked if they wanted it.

They did not.

The doorway would face the sidewalk off of the back deck and the "bay window" will face south.

My goal is to gather all the materials for free. And I better get on it cause the new girls will be here April 11.

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