Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Digs

We rented the house for the yard.

We don't move in until Tuesday, when our POD is delivered, but I mowed the lawn yesterday.

The cats are ensconced in the house, not allowed out yet. Cadbury is waiting patiently for an outdoor hutch to replace his medium sized pet carrier and occasional leash time outside. (He has to be watched tho - he slipped his harness and hid under the back deck for a couple panicked hours yesterday)

The shed has been okayed to be Hubby's shop.

There is a lot of yard work. All the roses, honeysuckle, etc are overgrown. The vinca, boston ivy and unwanted grasses need to be pulled up or tamed. But we keep finding new flowers - poppies, rembrant tulips, irises . . .

Someone put a lot of love and work into this property once.

The other bonus is it is 2 miles from work and the Denver area seems to be riddled with bike trails. The option to commute via bicycle was a major feature we were looking for.

Oh and having 4 hens (the most allowed in city limits) is in the lease. WOO HOO!

There are more stairs than we would like, but the house itself in a single level. The girls are running around the backyard happily - and isn't that the most important feature of any home?


  1. that is a seriously fabulous yard! Congrats on finding a great place..that even allows chickens!

  2. sounds like life- is good. :) pretty yard- and a 2 minute commute- heck yeah! :) Congrats!