Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

It was sunny with snow (sigh!) The perfect day to stay inside with reading materials.

We are gardening as a family this year. In previous years Hubby was more interested in the decorative landscape and the girls were only interested in what they could eat or smell.

For the first time we were all going through my stack of gardening catalogs (2 new ones already for this year!) today, curled up with coffee or eggnog. Love & Rockets playing in the background. This was always a solo event in the past - but I heard Juju sighing over the photos and descriptions, amazed at the diversity to be found. She has decided that she wants to grow things that cannot be purchased at the grocery store.

Hubby is taking on the job of seedlings, we want to have enough to barter with like-minded folks hereabouts. He is setting up the lights in an unused corner and planning what beds will be transformed into cold frames. He was writing out his seed wish list when I commented we would have to narrow our choices down before ordering, least our seed bill be in the hundreds. He did some quick adding. "My list is only about $30," he scoffed. "Darling," I said, "You've only looked in one catalog." He harrumphed in reply and went back to perusing.

But our can't live without list so far:
Hubby - Pinot Noir bell peppers & Vital Green spinach
Myself - Purple Passion asparagus & Golden Sweet snow pea
Juju - Mr. Stripey tomato & Cream of Saskatchewan watermelon
Mesha - More strawberries & More flowers (she looked at pictures and squealed mostly)

This new year has started just right as far as I am concerned

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