Monday, January 10, 2011

Speckled Sussex

This is a Speckled Sussex Hen (photo from online) it is one of the breeds I ordered from my pet chicken.

Sussex chickens are a heavy breed developed by the English more than a century ago. This variety is called speckled because of the white spangles separated by a black band on the ends of its otherwise dark mahogany colored feathers. They have a reputation of laying 4 large brown eggs a week, and laying through the winter (not all breeds do - only our naked necks did in MN). Also they are fairly calm and easy to handle (a definite bonus with the girls)

We have snow again and my free time has been spent paring down our $300 seed wish list and scoping the neighborhood and craigslist for free stuff for the hen house. I have told a few people our intent to raise hens with shocked reactions. I had not expected this, after all people have horses here in city limits and there are 2 historical farms in town. But I already have a waiting list of people who wish to see the chicks, but maybe the novelty is chickens NOT on a farm. One woman told me she could never eat eggs from chickens she knew. We as a nation are really to far removed from what sustains us.

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  1. We have a 7 year old speckled sussex name Chica! She still drops an egg every few weeks!