Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whew! Time has been flying.

I spent the weekend after Easter in Seattle - I think I may have eaten my way through the city.  Local burger joint, Irish Breakfast, DimSum, a lot of local beer etc etc.  But my favorite dinner was made in missnan's tiny 1920's kitchen:
Fresh Marlin with lime cilantro butter, baby violetta artichokes & fiddlehead ferns.  Add the Alaskan style sourdough and local beer and it was beeuutiful.  

 We walked a lot checking out a couple of the local P- Patches.  I admit to being really jealous of zone 8 - even if they need a greenhouse to really grow tomatoes well.

Cold crops and leeks
Succulent wall and ironwork fence

Seattle is such an urban farm friendly city.  They even have a feed store geared towards people like us.

We do of course have Denver Urban Homesteaders up the road a grip and Valley Feed here in Littleton.

The trip was great but I am glad to be home. . .

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