Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here we go again!

We went to Murdoch's Farm & Feed today - to pick up some loose straw and chicken feed. Every time I have stopped by in the last month (and I have seem to found reasons to) I have hoovered over the chicks. Hubby convinced me not to get a couple 2 weeks ago, last week all the pullets were from black breeds, on Thursday Juju tried to talk me into Khaki Campbell ducklings.

I did not count on the Mesha's powers of persuasion today.

Our new pullets Buff Cochins and are reputed to be friendly "lap chickens." Although they are not great layers, reviews of them are positive. They also have feathers on their legs.

This should tide us over until our meat chickens (who were supposed to be here last week) come in.

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