Thursday, April 19, 2012

They're mutants I tell you! Mutants!

Last year I was unable to get any cucumbers to grow.  So this year I planted early, planning to reseed.  And reseed again.

I planted 6.

I now have 6 cucumber plants taking over my little 2x2 space under lights.  They are climbing up the shelf uprights, the okra plants and I think they are making plans to invade the few tomatoes that have survived (most of them Green Grape cherry who seem a little belligerent themselves.)  When all my other starts have been burned to a crisp, or dried up to a husk from me forgetting water, these have thrived.  Even pollinating with only the help of a little desk fan.

Not to count my pickles before they are harvested, but I better find a good recipe for crispy canned dills.  Possibly by next week.

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