Sunday, April 1, 2012

It is a fowl thing, segregation

After 3 days of work, Hubby finished the new duck quarters. They are now in the back corner of the property, with a new sunken pond and a shade tree overhead. The dogloo (duckgloo?) was found by a dumpster a few blocks away, all the fencing was leftover from the chicken yard, so the only cost was for deer style netting over the top and heavy duty zip ties.

I would have liked to kept our birds together, but Quinn took his role of "rooster" way too seriously and I hope our hens will be calmer, and that all their feathers will grow back in soon.

With this move, Juju's chicks, newly named Chocolate & Pretzel have been moved out of the tractor. They are in the coop roosting for the night, we will see how things go tomorrow.

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