Friday, April 20, 2012

What's up chickie?

Today the meat chicks moved into the chicken tractor in the backyard.

Not being so bright I had to show them how to get outside, and then in the evening herd them back inside.

They have a heat lamp inside, but spent the night as far away from it as possible.  I don't have a thermometer, but I am guessing they are more than warm enough.

We lost one in the first week, over eager child we think.  We left the smallest one inside with the other chicks, he (I am guessing) is not quite as robust as the others.  But 11 total are with us as we move into summer.

We have only one polish type chick out of the 3.  Hubby was really bummed about this.
We also lost one of the bantam cochin frizzles.  All of them have the gene dominant (if it is submissive, the feathers are smooth) but that worries me.  If the hatchery bred 2 with the gene dominant, the feathers of the offspring will be brittle.  25% of a hatching should be smooth.  But maybe it is just luck on our part.

But this white one looks the coolest.

Mesha's buff cochins are the biggest of all the chicks inside.  I am really glad she talked me into these, since we will be able to compare them to Hubby's frizzles.

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