Friday, August 1, 2014

Seed organization

Up until today our seeds lived mostly piled in a small under the bookshelf in our living room.  I say mostly because I regularly found them in random drawers, on top of the refrigerator and once in the crate that holds unmatched socks.

I tried using a small photo album, an idea I saw on Pintrest, but I could not close the album after sliding less than 1/2 of our packets in it.  It would have worked great, had the packets been empty.

Then I saw this vintage plastic seeing box at Goodwill.  With cardboard dividers out is perfect.  The seeds are separated into herbs/flowers, short season (lettuce, peas, bush beans) and long season (tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, squash).  Then in alphabetical order by year.(ie 2013 peas followed by 2015 peas then 2014 radish).
Best of all it will fit in the extra fridge we use as a cold cellar.

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