Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A year of garden firsts

This year has had its oops moments (forgot to plant carrots)  But there has been so many successes.

Yesterday while trying to find the tomatillos that are buried under bindweed, morning glories and other weeds I found these lovely white eggplant.  The plant itself was so small I had forgotten it was there.

Then we have the corn

Here in our backyard we have Ruby Queen, a red hybrid sweet corn.  It is in the raised bed and grew between 4-5 ft high.  The bees have been all over it.

We have grown corn in the past, of course, but it was always starchy, chewy and generally unappetizing.

Ruby Queen, even not quite ripe (it is supposed to be full red) was very good.  I picked some larger ones on a whim (something ate the silks, but did not eat the corn itself) and boiled them with the water leftover from blanching pole beans (another first) to freeze.  Only a couple of them were reddish and Rhiannon and I ate them slathered in butter.

Not pictured is the cantaloupe we ate while still in the garden.  The potatoes that are putting out beautiful purple blooms and the fall garden beans, carrots, and cabbage I think I got in early enough.

Now back to the kitchen.  Chris just brought in today's picking of cucumbers along with a request for garlic chili dills.

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