Sunday, July 20, 2014

You gonna eat that?

It still works.
10+ pounds of sour (pie) cherries.  Perreon and Rhiannon helped pick them.  The trees are less than two blocks from our house, and I don't remember seeing them so full before.  And the owners had already picked as much as they wanted to deal with.

This summer has been near perfect so far.  We have had regular rain (although you wouldn't know it by the state of our lawn) and it has yet to reach higher than 95°, with most days in the mid 80's.

The Ruby Queen sweet corn at home and the Blue Jade at the Ppatch are putting up tassels.  The potatoes at home have burned (again), but the ones at the Ppatch are ready to flower.  The snow peas are done, but the shelling peas are still going.

And through the wonders of technology, I write this on my smart phone in the side yard, drinking a local beer & listening to the water feature.  The bugs are nearly non existent the air warm with a light breeze. 

Urban farming is good.

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