Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The last straw

Word came through the grapevine that the local arboretum was giving away the straw bales that had been used for last year's harvest maze.  So I took out the back seat of the van and picked up 4.

Then I went back a few days later and did 2 more loads and took them to the Ppatch.

We waited a few more days, not wanting to be greedy, and picked up 2 more loads, some for our Ppatch neighbor.

Then we, showing great restraint, waited another week, took out all the seats and fit 11 bales in our minivan.  That we delivered to a friend's house. (truck? we don't need no stinkin' truck!)

That is a total of  31 bales.  New (and of course unmildewed) that would have been $186.

 What will we do with our bounty you ask?

Most of them will be used to terrace the 35x12 ft slope at our Ppatch, to make level and therefore more easily used space.  A couple bales will become paths for Hubby's chair also at the Ppatch.  The remaining 4 will be used as mulch at home. 
We will check back next week to see if there are any left.


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