Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Well one deadline - Friday.  Everything needs to be planted and marked in both the Ppatch and at home by then.

As a result the last couple days have been a rush when I get home from work to get something ANYTHING done.

I was sidetracked by the home front yesterday, but today the Ppatch got some love.

The bales, as you can see, have been placed.  The plan is Mammoth Sunflowers along the fence with Greek amaranth on the top tier.  Strawberry Popcorn on the lower, with (already planted) nasturtiums cascading over the straw.

Most of the bell peppers are planted (I still need to acquire a mild chili) as are a majority of the tomatoes.  The straw paths are to help Hubby wheel through the rows (and show the children where the rows are)  I brought the cucumber plants to the garden but had just started setting up the climbing dome over a trench for irrigation when Juju reminded us they had gymnastics.

While we were gone, Hubby planted his flower garden - he wants to attract pollinators he says.  He left the right side by the metal fence for irises and the top of the hill for me to continue the sunflower theme and the left side for us to dig in some steps (the final thing on our to do list.

On our last visit the girls planted their boxes, a bewildering mix of flowers, herbs, and begrudgingly carrots and radishes and a tomato.


The trellis is a dismantled plant shelf that the neighbors offered to us.  It was either us or the trash man.  I planted trombetta squash(this was not their idea either) on it and we will connect the top somehow to make an arbor.

But now it is dark and I need to start the indoor work that the weather did not allow me to take care of before.

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