Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY chicken feeders

The Noms (otherwise known as the cornish cross meat chicks) have moved into the big coop.  I don't know who is more scared the 11 of them or the 6 hens. 

Anyway they eat . . . . a lot.  Their food is the flock raiser chow that I also use for the ducks and quail, but even if it was the same crumbles the hens eat I would need a separate feeder since they have segregated themselves in or just outside the coop.  They only really investigate the coop yard when the hens have gone to roost for the night but there is still daylight.

But we are saving for vacation and I did not feel like spending $30 on another galvanized hanging feeder.

What I did have was empty #10 cans and google.

I found these directions with a quick search.  I could do this, I thought, it only involves a hammer, a nail and some wire, all things that I could find in the shop at home and should only take me an hour.  Although the dollar store had only teflon coated pans at $4 each - the thrift store had steel cake pans for $2.  I headed to Hubby's shop.

He followed me.

I didn't  follow the directions.

I didn't make them at all.

Hubby was happy to have a small project that could involve welding, a cordless screwdriver, and a vise.  Not to mention done in 15 minutes.

So for $4 there is a 2nd feeder in the coop and also one in the duck house (to be mounted on the fence with a cover, if it ever stops raining)

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