Thursday, February 9, 2012

New nest

With winter here for a few days (he he) I really needed an alternative to the preferred outside egg laying places the hens and duck have been using.

A 4x4x12 piece of wood and a heavy duty rubber band from the kitchen junk drawer seems to have done the trick.

There are also 2 thrifted file holders (one is to the right) that they use, although I will need to either rebuild the side of the coop to incorporate traditional mounted boxes or build a new coop as I need the floorspace to keep my growing flock happy. This playhouse come coop was only meant to hold 5 hens - current head count is 6 + the ducks. But Juju's chicks will be added to the mix come spring and there is the meat chickens (for 8-12 weeks) to consider also.

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