Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today Hubby (with a little help from me) started making "Not as Pale as Death Ale" a new kit from our local brew store. This style of kit has both uses an extract syrup, but also malted grains that must first be boiled.

The hens approve of this, as the used grains go to them afterwards. (Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum are standing in the middle of the barley pile) Some also go to the quail and Juju's chicks.

I ordered a half dozen Dixie Ranger meat chicks and the same of Cornish Crosses today and by the time they arrive in late March I hope to have an in with other home brewers (hello craigslist!) so I can supplement their feed with more spent grains. If this is successful I will need to build a solar dehydrator so I can store the wet grains again. I have been thinking of building one anyway as my Excalibur fills up quickly during harvest and it seems a shame to waste the dry heat of Colorado during that same time.

The brew store gives theirs to a friend who makes dog treats with them, but I brought some eggs with me when I was in last to see if I can be second on their call list.

Hubby is enjoying his new hobby. Between this, seed starting, and blacksmithing he cannot claim boredom. Although he has tried.

Here is our brew cupboard in the office.

Upper right is the bottled Maibock that will be ready on Valentines Day. Lower left is an IPA to be bottled on Saturday and lower right is the new Pale Ale that is just started. The bottles in the back are sanitized and waiting.

We need to come up with labels now.

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