Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Late Start

The girls don't have school until 10:30 but forgetting that I got up extra early and made muffins. The pears we have all ripened at once (as pears are wont to do) so I had enough to make 2 batches - on regular and one with whole wheat, oatmeal and honey.

I then sat with my coffee jealously reading about the NW Flower and Garden show going on in Seattle right now. And about CSAs already delivering lettuce and cabbage
- it is a zone 8.

Juju got up about 7 and after trying a muffin cleaned her chick box. The chicks waited patiently on a chair for her to finish. It is hard to believe they are the same age - the NHR is twice the size of the NN (as you can see) She is more independent also - no longer complaining when they are separated. The NN, however, woke up Mesha the last time she was left alone in the box.

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