Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mother Natue is Weird

I dug up my potato bins.

I got ZERO potatoes.

There was no roots along the stems - hell there were no roots anywhere. It's not like I have never grown potatoes before. Our neighbor who gave us the seed is thrilled with how well his plants are producing, so I know that what ever it was, the problem was me. Too much shade? Not enough Water? Needed more humus?

on the flip side

At the P-patch on an unused hill I planted corn. Twice actually, because germination was horrible. Mostly this year I ignored it. It was hard to get too because both paths that lead towards it had piles of weeds at the end from the surrounding gardens. I rarely watered it. It was stunted and brown and of the 2 packets I planted I only got a dozen stalks.

But I harvested 4 good + 5 meh cobs. We grilled them. Heavy on the starch, but good flavor.

Our same neighbor, who babied his corn, had the plants dry up and produce nothing.

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