Sunday, July 31, 2011

remodeling pt 1

With the new ducks coming tomorrow I needed better use of space so they could sleep in the hen house at night.

In the original playhouse there was a plastic fold up table at the window, that I have been trying to figure out how to recreate, with nesting boxes below. For now part of a plastic shelf will suffice. I can frame in the nesting boxes and also a shallow box on top that can be filled with straw so as not to lose floor space. (it will officially become the "sun room") The hooks holding the new roost (old closet rod) were plant hangers on the fence in MN.

If anyone wonders, there is currently no door to close on the poultry entrance - by fall I plan to have a re-purposed dog door that full grown hens should be able to push through. The girls are always up before me, no matter how early I roll out of bed, so I just gave up. I have faith that our fence is predator proof enough with the fence sunk and flat rocks buried half way along it.

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