Sunday, July 31, 2011

Denver County Fair Day 2

Today was just Hubby, Mesha, and I. Juju was at RenFair and our camera was sadly AWOL.

I checked my entry in the canning catagory - no ribbon for me. Although I saw the ribbons, there were no labels telling what each item was so the display was a little disappointing.

We wandered through the art exhibits - I had no idea Denver had such an artist community! We picked up a few inexpensive but cool items (Flying Dog beer soap), sighed over some amazing pieces out of our price range (iron forged floor lamp) and tucked away a few business cards for later purchase (steampunk honeybee necklace)

One thing we really like about this fair is that it was indoors and completely wheelchair accessible. One thing we didn't like was the lack of food/beverage choices - we suspect that that had more to do with the venue (National Western Complex) than the fair organizers. But it was wrong to see Great Divide Brewing Co sponsor, but unable to sell. I hope they try again next year, but with a venue that is more community oriented.

We saw the winning poultry - none of which were ours. We found out that to be eligible to win birds must be full grown and not have their wings clipped. Our girls were out on both counts. Still worth it though, cost to show was almost half of cost of entry, and as an exhibitor we got 1 free pass each.

We watched Mesha play in an inflatable "hamster ball". Saw the Freakshow again. Checked out the "Green" exhibits. Some of them were really informative (where can we put an aquaculture set up with tilapia. . .hmmmm) Basically we killed time until we could pick up our birds.

There will be pictures of the new additions as soon as I find the camera.

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