Monday, May 16, 2011

shanty town

The chicks are too big to come inside at night to stay in the rubbermaid bin.

The coop is not done.

I could blame it on 2 days of rain, and my work schedule being incompatible with working outside.

But really, we have known we needed a coop and where we were going to put it since they were first ordered in January.

Once again (and I am feeling bemused here) we have put off until tomorrow what should have been done yesterday.

So for tonight only (in theory) they are staying in this claim shanty. I added a wooden box and a lot of straw that they are currently kicking around. I had to put them inside (to very vocal protests) but now, 5 minutes later I can no longer hear their indignant chirping.

(interestingly enough, I have been hauling said wooden box around since I was in college. It belonged to my grandfather on my dad's side. I am not sure why I wanted it at 18, but it has served many purposes over the years)

The fox has been out and about - I guess we will find out if our pen is "critter proof."

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