Monday, May 23, 2011

A new day

I am sitting down to coffee in my favorite NPR mug. Mmmmm coffee.

The poultry have been fed. We have lost 2 quail so far - both were the smaller than the rest and less robust (obviously) - which brings us down to 9. Mesha wanted a full burial and funeral for them both but I demurred. Part of raising livestock is loss. Some makes us shrug and say "Meh" and some makes us sad, but it is part of a balance.

I need to get one (or 2) small chicken tractors built. I would like to separate the Cornish and feed them high protein game bird food - it's not organic, but since I have it . . . . Also planting can happen in earnest now that the rains have stopped.

Hubby is out of commission for awhile, as happens now and then, so I really wished I had listened to Mom when she was teaching those time-management classes.

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