Monday, May 30, 2011

adventures in smoking

With my goal of making bacon this year I am smoking a couple pork roasts today to bring to the Memorial day soiree we are attending. Although we had used this technique for a turkey at Thanksgiving and prime rib at Christmas - Hubby did all the work. So last night I rubbed the roasts with garlic and rosemary to sit overnight

Step one - light charcoal.
This took 3 tries. In a fit of insecurity I put the roasts in the oven covered with foil and with a pan of water - just in case.

Step two - argue with grill
I want to cook the roast at 250. The grill wants to be at either 400 or cold. The roasts are on the top shelf with a loaf pan full of water between.

Step three - crockpot
I placed the finished roasts with a cup of stock and a sliced red onion on low to hold until dinner.

Step four - shred & serve
It turned out dry but tasty - nothing some apricot bbq sauce can't fix. Need more practice.

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