Friday, May 27, 2011

Days off?

I was rereading passages from the Encyclopedia of Country Living (again) this time on garden plans. She (Carla Emery) said that she tries (starting in February) to plant something everyday until midsummer when she tries to put up something everyday until harvest is over.

I am not there yet.

But my 2 days off were spent mostly outside. Mostly weeding. Mostly alone.

The girls did help - especially weeding the easily pulled items from the alley parking area. But short attention span theater got them early on.

I also got the first raised bed in the unused area of alley parking (nearly) finished. But that is another story.

I mowed the lawn for one of our favorite neighbors, who offered me an unwanted volunteer wild plum tree and a number of perennial herbs that are having border conflicts. But they will have to wait for tomorrow.

I am pleased with what got done, although my shoulders and hands have protested.

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