Saturday, September 19, 2015

Finally, they may earn their keep

Found by child guest at our BBQ who HAD to see the chickens.

Hens usually start laying at 20 weeks.  Which would have been mid to late July for us.  But this year we started them on organic, non gmo, no corn, no soy feed that we purchased from a similarly minded friend.  Their hens started laying at 8 months they said. so at least we beat that.

Our friend ran out of feed early last month, so we introduced feed pellets to them.  The ladies didn't know what to do with them at first.  They were used to fermented whole grains.  So I soak these.  In water, leftover beef soup, almond milk (and hemp milk) that I found appalling, whatever.  So now they eat like we do - organic when possible, local when possible but we don't stress about it.

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