Saturday, September 26, 2015

A different idea of date night

 Both of the girls were gone today.  So Chris and I took the time to spend together.

In the garden.

The weather is changing, so we need to get the garden to bed and prepped for spring.  We are determined to have an amazing garden next year.

Before we started weeding.  The front row next to my shadow has strawberries, I swear.
We did not get to this side though.

We have hauled all but one large piece of white carpet (Yea! Freecycle) to the garden.  All the paths are done and there will be enough to cover the beds until we need each one.  We are leaving the soaker hoses in the cornfield (one less thing to measure and lay in spring) figuring the carpet will protect them.
After on the North side.  
The Brandywine vines gave up and turned brown as soon as the first cooler overnight happened, but the various bell and chili peppers + the Hungarian Heart (two arches on the right) and San Marzano tomatoes are still giving it a valiant (and ultimately doomed) fight to ripen.
The strawberries and weed infested cornfield (with irrigation) after.

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