Sunday, August 23, 2015

She put out! And by she I mean the garden

 I feel like such a player right now.

I was off early so I decided the garden needed weeding before we put it to bed.

My relationship with our garden has consisted of me stopping by every couple weeks.  "Hey baby, do you have any jalapenos (cucumbers, basil whatever)  I find one and assure it I will stop by on my day off "We'll do some weeding, some watering,  it will be fun."

A couple weeks would pass.

"Hey baby, you got any potatoes?  Of course I'll see you this weekend."

I thought it stopped producing out of spite.  And really, who could blame it.

Armenian cucumbers, Homemade pickle cucumbers, Stupice, Gold Medal, Roma and Hungarian heart Tomatoes, Burgundy Okra, Red noodle beans

But today the tomatoes.  The tomatoes that have been hanging fully grown and green for the last 3 weeks ripened.  Enough red noodle beans for a side of vegetable.  2 okra off the one plant that made it. Cucumbers destined to be Tumeric Garlic Dill.

I'll go to the garden over the week.  I swear.

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