Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Finally, success with peas

You have read before about my difficulty with zucchini.

I have always had the same trouble with peas.  Every year I plant a packet, they germinate sporadically and I end up with enough for a meal or two.  This year I decided to do the gardening equivalent of carpet bombing.  

With so much room (sooo much room!) at the Ppatch I planted a row of Wando shelling peas with the potatoes, gave a pack of snow peas to each of the girls for their gardens(thanx mom!) and made space for an additional 2 packs of in the common area.  Five packets total.  And I bought innoculant.  And used it.  Even so the pea plants were still spotty, like 33-50% germination.  And the vines seemed stunted.  The pack that advertised 5' vines, topped out at 3.  The snow peas, who had promised to be 18" (no trellising required!) came in barely to 8"

But those 8" are more than adequate!

In the last week nearly 2lbs have been harvested from those miniature marvels.  Enough that we have eaten them most every night and I am planning to try a pickle tomorrow.

The shelling peas, alas, have been immaturely picked by some industrious field hands (read: the children) and mixed in with the edible pods.  I am hoping the vinegar will make them as palatable.

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