Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Toasty warm inside

It had been snowing most of the day.  The chickens were alternately crowding into the coop or huddling up to the house.  The kale, I am sure, is frozen with the other greens under the white blanket.  Only Riley was truly thrilled.

After dinner Rhiannon asked if I would build a fire.  I told her yes, if she would bring in an armload of wood from outside.  In a blink she had on boots a coat and mittens and headed out to the small woodpile off the back porch.  Soon she was in again with 4 small logs and Riley right behind her carrying a 5th.  I put them on the rack and she was outside again in a shot, Riley again behind her.  She brought in a second armload but did not pause to see the already roaring fire and went back outside.

She did not come in right away so I went out to check.  She was filling the small green wagon with logs.  When full she pulled it the 8 feet closer to the steps and started unloading it.  Bemused I opened the door for her and stacked each piece in the rack.  Thinking all the while that I had the role of Carrie in On the Banks of Plum Creek when Laura and Mary are bringing in wood during a snowstorm.

They brought in all the wood.

I think Rhiannon would have too.  She was rosy cheeked and grinning as she loaded her second wagon with split logs.  But it was close to her bedtime so I told her to leave that one by the back steps.

Her father asked her why she brought in so much more wood than was asked.
Log rack after Rhiannon brought in wood.

"Well, it will come in handy if we get a snowstorm or zombie apocalypse." she answered in that oh so serious tone of an 8 year old.

I can't really argue with that.

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