Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chickens at the Backdoor

That is the name of the class I helped teach with two others at the Littleton History Museum today.   It seemed to go over well, about 30 or so people showed up and made positive comments on the way out again two hours later.  I brought a dozen eggs in different colors and also some chickens - Snowball (the bantam cochin frizzle hen) and Chocolate (Indica's bantam naked neck hen), Honey (Rhiannon's standard cochin hen) and Chewbacca (a friend's Arucana hen) and a white brama pullet.  I really felt these showed a wide range of breeds available.   We visited the 1890's chicken coop - a fine example of a hen house to be sure.  Having a 3-person panel was great, as we all had different information to share.  There is a second class in May.

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