Monday, April 15, 2013

Boys in the 'hood

Two of our bantam cochin frizzles turned out to be male.  Littleton ordinances clearly state no roosters - but we will keep them unless one of our neighbors complain.

Napoleon is half the size of most of the hens, he is even smaller than Chocolate (Indica's bantam naked neck), but he takes his job seriously.  While the hens are busy eating and scratching he stands off to the side keeping a keen lookout for predators.   He puts everything he has in to crowing - even though when he does he sounds more like a children's squeeze toy than the cock of the rock.

Scrappy is near the bottom of the pecking order.  He does not crow and spends most of his time hiding under one of the standard cochins - for both safety and warmth I think.  He is a frazzle.  The frizzle gene is dominant and he seems to have had 2 frizzle parents, which makes his feathers brittle.  He's kind of sad looking, but he lives of to his name.  If he was a person I think he would be Urkel.

This year I would like to seperate Napoleon with any other bantam hens into a separate coop - possibly recommission the playhouse coop - and see what happens.  Frizzle naked neck or Frizzle silkies would be awesome.

I would leave Scrappy in with the larger hens, to see if as the only rooster he would be allowed to feather out more.  And maybe be Stefan Urquelle instead.

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