Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Pears went on sale twice in the last month at work - just under 50¢ a pound. I couldn't find them at that price in season!

I bought about 4 flats.

2 got dried (what has not been eaten already is in the large jar), 1 got eaten fresh - and one was lost to what I call harvest fatigue.

This happened to me this summer and fall more often than I would care to admit. I would have the produce and put off processing it until it was too late and became chicken food.

When they went on sale again yesterday I bought the last 3 flats of perfectly ripe Bartletts and processed them as soon as the girls went to bed. We now have 6 quarts of pear sauce that will hopefully tide us over (with the applesauce Mom gave us) until next season.

Goal #1 for 2012 - process fruits of our labor as we get them.

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