Saturday, December 3, 2011

friends in need

I had to clean the coop before work today.

The ducks, with the nights getting colder, are still refusing to sleep in the dog crate I bought ESPECIALLY for them. They decided they want in the coop at night, and can't figure out the dog door. I obligingly shoved them inside last night and this morning found all the straw soaking wet and the waterer that I thought was out of their reach on a milk crate empty on the floor.

An hour later, with the floor bare, and the light on to hopefully help it dry, I remembered I had not yet bought a new bale of straw. I ran out the door to work, asking hubby to have the girls fill it with the shredded paper from the office when they got home from school - it was snowing and I couldn't see him easily maneuvering the feed store parking lot.

It was not enough.

I got home after dark and it was getting colder. The paper once spread out came out to only 1/2 inch deep on the floor.

Luckily I have friends - ones who also have livestock.

1/2 hour later Juju & I were picking up some loose straw from Rana & Niels. An hour later I was still at their kitchen table with a glass of wine enjoying the conversation while Juju watched Harry Potter with her kids. Honestly I don't know which part I appreciated more. We got home right before bed and now the poultry and the children are tucked in for the night. The straw mixed in well with the paper, creating exceptionally fluffy bedding.

This lifestyle I have chosen would go smoother, I think, If I were a type A personality and not a procrastinator.

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