Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

The girls were up at 5:30 am. Rules are they can go through their stockings, but that is all until we are all up. There was squealing to be heard so Hubby and I got up knowing the cat carrier in front of the tree was causing it all.

He is a Holland Lop and yet unnamed. Hubby found him about a week ago on Craigslist. Not a meat animal, but a pet. He is ensconced in the outside hutch.

By 6:15 I was back in bed. Much to the disappointment of the girls the rest of the gifts would have to wait. They had plenty to play will (a DS game for Juju, LPS for Mesha) and Hubby had coffee.

Now it is noon, all the gifts are open and Hubby is taking his nap under this quilt sent by Mom. It is one of the last quilt tops made by Grandma Lundborg and edged with a black border to fit our bed.

Hubby blacksmithed me a candle holder. I think it is beautiful.

He took inspiration from the curves of flower stems and leaves.

Hubby received a beer brewing kit, an herb starter kit and a new book on blacksmithing. All things needed by the person holding down the fort on our urban homestead. The new projects - not to mention starting our tomato seeds the first week of January - is sure to keep him busy once the girls go back to school.

It has been a good morning. New coffee (Thanks Potter!) and the girls are playing happily.

Enya, Canadian Brass, George Winston, and Bluegrass are providing the Holiday Soundtrack.

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