Friday, June 3, 2011


Our landscaping was put in about 25 years ago. There are multiple hardscaped layers along most of the property edges. There are various roses and irises.

And there is Vinca major.

Years and years of overgrown groundcover on steroids. I have been slowly making my way around the property and have done about 1/2 the front yard (morning sun) and 1/4 the backyard (afternoon sun) over the last year. I know that I cannot eradicate the viney plant, nor do I want to, it is pretty and makes a nice living mulch. I just want it under control. Stems from previous years turn brown and are sharp when pulling, not to mention it will strangle anything else that may be trying to grow. My goal is to have only first year growth.

The day was cool enough for Hubby to take on 2 of the beds that have been at the end of my list. Even though I know that there is a beautiful bicoloured rose in the mess.

I did clear off the back fence of Virginia creeper so we could plant our own mix of morning glory, sunflower and cosmos in the alley but had not ventured into the mess.

So I came home to nearly bare dirt. And a pile of weeds to either to the chickens or to the garbage men.

Hopefully the free pile of wood mulch down the street has been refreshed again. (it had been depleted a couple days ago.)

Maybe there will be room for all 50 tomato plants we started from seed.

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