Thursday, June 16, 2011

Juju has a story to tell

It was 4:11 AM when I woke up to a loud crashing noise. Thinking that someone had dropped a bunch of pots and pans I thought "What on Earth is mom doing in the kitchen this early?" So I put on my glasses and went into the living room, planning on investigating the kitchen. As I approached the door to the upstairs I saw what was actually making all the commotion.

Quail were everywhere!

It was a Quail Break!!

(Okay we don't have very many but they are usually in their extra large Rubbermaid tub, not all over the room!)

First I closed all the doors to the room to keep them from venturing to the rest of the house, then I checked out what had happened.

One of the little birds was kind enough to stay inside the bin. But how had they escaped? One section of the wire caged lid had come off. But how?

Anyway, I caught 4 quail and while looking for another one I heard the crashing noise again!

I looked over to the bin and saw the quail jumping up and down, knocking off the lid.

We need to clip their wings again I think.

I instantly ran upstairs to get Mom. After I woke her I ran back down and caught one more by the time Mom got there. We caught 3 more quail together.

We could tell they were tired (or scared) cause they settled down in their tub this time.

We counted them.

8. We counted them again.

Still 8.

We started looking for the last bird. Under the couch. In the fireplace. Under the bookshelf. In the closet (it had been ajar)

Then I spotted it - perched on a canning jar on the counter. I grabbed the little bird from behind (Mom had been about to try from the side, but I stopped her) With a final sequence of protesting peeps it went into the bin. Immediately it snuggled into the pile of already sleeping quail.

We put the top back on - Mom placed a space heater (not plugged in of course) on top to weight it down and we went back to bed.

And overslept in the morning.

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