Sunday, June 19, 2011

Science for the Garden

This last Christmas Costco had Bug kits in stock and in my usual way when they got marked down to under $10 I got one. (checking a children's' educational toy catalog these would have retailed for $40. Score!)

We got our pink ladybug larva and Painted Lady Butterfly Catterpillars a couple weeks ago in the mail. Each day the girls have checked them, adding a little water to the ladybug pool. (the Caterpillars are self sufficient at this point)

But now they are Chrysalis!! They will be moved into a netted container to hatch soon before all of our "bugs" are released in the yard.

We have been talking a lot about the importance of insects in the world. Even paper wasps, which are irritating to us, have a roll as predators of bugs that do damage to our vegetables and flowers. (We still knock down any nest we find around the back deck.) We are learning the difference between the bumblebees, honeybees, and leafcutter bees - and how they are different than yellow jackets, wasps and mud dobbers.

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