Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hey what happened?

They blame me.

Standing in the 19 degree weather the flock stares accusingly. Like this was my idea (Mwa ha ha) Their feathers are ruffled, keeping the warmer layer of air next to their skin. At night the heater keeps their coop 10 degrees warmer, but that is no longer cutting it. During the day the garage addition has a heat lamp and they have started laying their eggs under it - well out of my reach. My really cool waterer cracked when thawing one morning and I can't find the electric dog dish. So until I can make a trip to Fleetfarm, we bring the little waterer in a couple times a day and at night to thaw it and add fresh water.

Where did time go? Last thing I remember was dressing up the girls for Halloween. That is the start of the holiday season, and it ends with Juju's birthday in January. And whose idea was it that "fall back" was a good idea? Now the hens are in bed when I get home from work.


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